Motion Basic


Module 5: Basic actions & standard animation patterns

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Character Action ‘Walk’

In this lesson, students will learn how to draw anime characters in walking motion. We can further depict the emotions of our characters in motion by incorporating the earlier techniques of squash and stretch and ease out/ease in on the anime faces, bodies and limbs.

Character Action ‘Run’

Students will move from drawing the walking action in our anime drawing online course to learning the techniques of animating characters in a running movement. As the running action is dynamic, more expressions can be made on the anime hair and clothing.

Look Back

This lesson concludes Anime Module 5 ‘Motion Basic’ and our SS1 Certification in Japanese Manga and Animation (Fundamentals) beginner anime drawing course. To learn how to draw anime ‘look back’ and master it best reflects an animator’s talent. Students will learn to apply step by step anime ‘look back’ drawing techniques by first using the rule of rotation on the anime nose. This is followed by drawing the position of the chin, ears and anime mouth. Students will learn the last and most challenging step of animating anime eyes and hair. Techniques such as follow through for drawing long hair and adding blink and movement to the eyes are taught.