Inspiration of the Character


Module 5: Manga makings and creation

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The ‘Sekaikan’

In our manga school, manga art is beyond perfecting the drawing of manga characters but also bringing the characters to life. Character design in Manga enables our characters to come alive by establishing the personality, world and thoughts of our main characters. What is needed first is the Sekaikan or genre and features of the world for deciding a character’s story. This lesson will teach students to create their original characters and preferred Sekaikan for their manga drawings.

Character’s Rough Outline

In this lesson, students will learn to create a character’s rough outline which is necessary for drawing manga. The goal is to complete the character table in which the characters’ profile, role, personality, ambitions and appearance are decided based on the Sekaikan learnt in the previous lesson. Once the character table is completed, students will learn to design the whole body of a character covering the character’s silhouette, back of body, hairstyle and facial expressions.

Manga Expressions

In our final lesson on how to draw manga online, we conclude our manga course with a discussion on the process and framework of manga production. In a manga production workflow, the manga artist draws with the reader in mind and collaborates with the editor to bring the manga from conception to publication. In this lesson, students will learn the principles of creating a manga, covering topics such as story structure, manga drawing styles, manga manuscript, frontispiece and title, and the use of panels, speech balloons, ‘effect’ lines and ‘motion’ lines.