Drawing Basic Human Body


Module 1: Drawing the structure and characteristics of the human body


Human Body Structure

Student will first learn how to draw manga in our online manga drawing class. When students gain confidence in their drawing skills as a budding manga artist, they will move on to our anime drawing modules. In this first manga drawing tutorial, students will learn the basics of drawing a character’s face and body. Using horizontal and vertical cross lines on the face, students will learn to position and draw manga eyes and nose, followed by the lips and ears. Using manga girl as an example, students will learn to draw body proportions and body parts in relation to the joints such as the spine, fingers and toes. The lesson concludes with students learning how to draw manga hair, especially manga girl hair and manga girl hairstyles.

Human Body Characteristics

This lesson expands on the first manga drawing lesson by teaching students to draw the distinct features of our manga characters. Students will learn to draw manga features differently by gender, age and body proportions to express the individual characteristics of our manga characters more attractively.

Appearance of Human Body Based on Viewpoint

In this lesson, students will learn to incorporate motion and poses into drawing manga characters to make them come alive. Students will learn to portray manga characters from a camera’s viewpoint and draw basic poses from various perspectives of the camera.