Yamada-Sensei (Yujiro Yamada)

Yamada-Sensei has more than 10 years of working experience in manga and anime production. He has been teaching manga drawing and Japanese animation for 8 years and has produced outstanding students who are now working in well-known animation studios in Japan.


Iwamura-Sensei (Takeshi Iwamura)

Iwamura-Sensei has 15 years of experience as an animator, and has been involved in various anime productions. Iwamura-Sensei was our teacher for the Aso-Parenthexis Anime Mosha Drawing Pilot Course in September-December 2016 where more than 2,000 students enrolled.

Artwork by our teachers.

Program Mode of Delivery

This program is conducted fully online via video lectures. At the end of each sub-module, students are required to complete and submit a drawing assignment for either Yamada-Sensei or Iwamura-Sensei for grading. The assignments are marked in batches. Please allow up to three weeks for the sensei to grade your assignments.

Students will enjoy an interactive learning experience with their course mates. They can chat with one another in the course’s Learning Circle to exchange ideas or pose queries.

Grading and Graduation Criteria

Student must complete and pass all 10 modules to graduate from the certification program. Grades ranging from A to D and F (A: Excellent; B: Very Good; C: Good; D: Pass; F: Fail) will be assigned to every sub-module assignment and a final grade will be assigned to each module by the sensei.

Re-submission is allowed if students do not pass the module assignments. A re-examination fee of USD 15 will apply for every assignment re-submitted.

Upon graduation, students can download their Certificate online. If you wish to request for a Program transcript, please email us at support@parenthexisacad.com with your request.


Meet some of our awesome students from the pilot course!

I learned so much after joining the course. I owe so much to Anime Mosha Drawing Course and Parenthexis for making me who I am today. I'm now able to draw my favorite characters from my favorite animes. The course taught me how to copy different angles and forms of characters on paper and not by tracing. Since the course is so well explained, even including videos, I was able to grasp the techniques easily. From printing the guides, copying each body part for each box to drawing a full body drawing without any grids, Before long, I am able to draw anyone I liked.

Isaiah Pamugas, Philippines August 17, 2017