Program Overview

The Certification in Japanese Manga and Animation (Fundamentals) is developed and delivered by the Aso College Group and the certification awarded by Parenthexis Academy. Aso College Group is one of the top vocational colleges in Japan providing high quality, skills-based education and training. This online interactive course will be hosted on learning platform Parenthexis, a sister company of Parenthexis Academy. Both are headquartered in Singapore.

The Certification comprises both manga and anime production. The curriculum is designed to provide students with strong foundational skills in manga drawing and Japanese animation. This course will be taught and graded by industry veterans and Aso College teachers Yujiro Yamada (Yamada-sensei) and Takeshi Iwamura (Iwamura-sensei). Students new to manga drawing or Japanese animation, or learners with prior learning but who wish to enhance their skills will find this program useful.

Program Summary

Program Name: Certification in Japanese Manga and Animation (Fundamentals)
Program Developed and Delivered by: Aso College Group, Japan
Certification Awarded by: Parenthexis Academy, Singapore
Program Structure: 10 modules and 28 sub-modules
Program Layout: 15 hours video-based instruction; 28 assignments
Program Duration: Self-paced. Estimate 3-6 months full-time and 7-18 months part-time
Program Mode of Delivery: Fully online, interactive learning with coursemates, teacher-graded assignments
Program Intake: Rolling enrollment
Graduation Criteria: Student must complete and pass all modules
Program Fees: USD 280;
Individual modules available at USD 35 each (Certificate of Competency will be issued)

Program Structure

There are 10 modules in the course: 5 Manga and 5 Anime. Within the 5 Manga and Anime modules are 14 sub-modules respectively. Students need to complete and pass all 28 sub-module assignments to graduate from the certification program.


The curriculum will teach the foundational skills of manga drawing. Two characters, Koume and her friend will walk students through every lesson. At the end of the Manga modules, students will be adept in drawing monochrome characters.

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Japanese Animation

The curriculum’s objective is to equip students with the theories and skills of Japanese animation. The learning approach is hands-on and students will master the illustration techniques under the guidance of a specially-created animation teacher character throughout the course.

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Program Duration

The program is self-paced. Every sub-module comes with a teaching video which averages 30 minutes. Students are encouraged to set aside time to practice and perfect their drawing skills after watching the videos and before submitting their assignments. A good pace of learning is mastering one to two sub-module skillsets per week. At this rate of learning, a student will complete the certification program in three to six months.

For students who would like to take it slower, there is no time limit to complete the course.

About Aso College Group

Aso College Group is an Education Division of Aso Group in Japan, which has undergirded Japan’s industry for 140 years in the fields of infrastructure, medical and healthcare and education and training, among others. Aso College Group has been established for 80 years and is one of the top vocational colleges in Japan providing high quality, skills-based education and training for various sectors in the country. It comprises 12 vocational colleges offering 80 programmes and 100 courses in specialties ranging from nursing and rehabilitation to business computer, architecture and design, and automotive engineering and technology.