• Certification in Japanese Manga and Animation
For the first time ever, learners from South East Asia and beyond can access top quality Japanese anime and manga drawing courses without leaving home! Parenthexis Academy has tied up with the Aso College Group from Japan to offer the Certification in Japanese Manga and Animation (Fundamentals) course online! This interactive online course is taught and graded by experienced instructors from Aso College which is one of the top vocational colleges in Japan with almost 80 years history. Click here to learn more! Parenthexis Academy is an online academy offering practical and relevant training programs and is the education and training arm of Singapore-headquartered Kydon Group, one of the leading learning technologies providers in Asia. By partnering with leading educational institutions and training providers to offer its courses online, we bring best-of-class content from around the world to benefit learners worldwide, thus overcoming the barriers of cost, distance and language to training and education. If you would like to join our growing community of training partners, get in touch here!