Illustrate and Animate Original Manga and Anime Characters like a professional

The only online manga and anime course where Authentic Manga and Animation Senseis review your drawings and answer your burning questions

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...you want your character to behave in whatever way you want them to

You probably learned to draw by copying, or tracing your favorite anime characters. 

Yet you know you can do better. 

Some online videos can be helpful, even some tutorials. But they're often demos.

And there's no step-by-step process 

The real reason students struggle to draw Original Characters...

...is because they have not learned 'HOW' Manga is drawn 

They are trying to replicating other peoples work, and then trying to reverse engineer the process. That’s a really tough journey…if they ever make it at all.

You may have drawn a piece of work and it looks somewhat off, but you may have no idea how to correct it. And it’s near impossible to find professional critiques online. It may be too critical, yet unconstructive, or perhaps it’s too vague for you to make any corrections. Either way, you waste time and energy trying to get the feedback you need.

What it really takes to draw an original, appealing anime character

Learning from your own experience is important. But if you want to grow fast, then what you need is expert eyes on your drawing. 

With over 2,000 students, we can safely say you’re not alone

We have taken more than 2,000 students through our online course and live workshops. You could be the next one as you develop your skills to the point your friends on Instagram will comment: “If only I can draw like that…”.

Artwork by our student Isaiah Pamugas

What our students say...


" I was able to draw original characters..."

I have gotten better at copy drawings after learning the use of grids and my inking is improved. I was able to draw original characters with better proportions and proper positioning of facial details. I was a total beginner so I have improved a lot more after learning this course.



"I am able to draw anyone I liked."

I learned so much after joining the course.  I'm now able to draw my favorite characters from my favorite anime. The course taught me how to copy different angles and forms of characters on paper and not by tracing. Since the course is so well explained, even including videos, I was able to grasp the techniques easily. From printing the guides, copying each body part for each box to drawing a full body drawing without any grids, Before long, I am able to draw anyone I liked.



"I didn’t have confidence (in inking) until after the course..."

(During Anime Mosha drawing course), I learned a lot including how to manage body proportions. The lessons are easy to understand and I was able to overcome inking. I didn’t have confidence (in inking) until after the course.



Yamada-Sensei (Yujiro Yamada)

Yamada-Sensei has more than 10 years of working experience in manga and anime production. He has been teaching manga drawing and Japanese animation for 8 years and has produced outstanding students who are now working in well-known animation studios in Japan.

Iwamura-Sensei (Takeshi Iwamura)

Iwamura-Sensei has 15 years of experience as an animator, and has been involved in various anime productions. Iwamura-Sensei was our teacher for the Aso-Parenthexis Anime Mosha Drawing Pilot Course in September-December 2016 where more than 2,000 students enrolled.

How the Course Is Designed

There are three core elements that make this course effective:

  • Element 1: Step-by-step learning system
  • Element 2: Doing deliberate practice
  • Element 3: Review of your work by Sensei

  • 1.

    Step-by-step learning system

    There’s no lack of content on Google and YouTube. As educators, we encourage learning from various sources. However, when it comes to setting a firm foundation, there’s no substitute for a proper learning system.

    There are 10 modules in the course, divided into 28 sub-modules, delivered over 15 hours. This is the same proven curriculum that’s produced professional illustrators and animators. Based on our experience, that is what it takes to bring a new student through from novice to competency. However, you can dive into the sections most relevant to you and revisit them as necessary.

    Because the videos are compact and bite-sized, you can watch one and then start practicing with the new found knowledge.


    Deliberate practice

    The best thing about drawing manga and anime is...you already love it! And getting good enough to draw a character can be a relatively short time. Yes, you need to practice, but that’s the same of any worthwhile skill you’re learning. And you can even do this while you’re waiting for your friends…(and have bystanders admire your talent). 

    Each sub-module comes with assignments which test your understanding at each stage.


    Review and interaction 

    When it comes to mastering a craft, there’s passive and there’s active learning. The biggest danger in learning to draw is to be lulled into passive learning with demo videos. They are impressive to watch, but don't build skill. Trying to copy and reverse engineer the drawing process isn't a lot of fun...

    And even after you do that, you still don’t know where you stand. 

    This course solves the problem. 

    Each of the sub-module assignments is personally graded by sensei. Which means there’s no guesswork, and you get specific, helpful feedback on where you can improve. You may even get actual corrections. 

    But wait there’s more! You can interact with Sensei and ask the most burning questions to deepen your understanding.

    Course Structure


    The curriculum will teach the fundamental skills of manga drawing. Two characters, Koume and her friend will walk students through every lesson. At the end of the Manga modules, students will be adept in drawing monochrome characters.

    Japanese Animation

    The curriculum’s objective is to equip students with the theories and skills of Japanese animation. The learning approach is hands-on and students will master the illustration techniques under the guidance of a specially-created animation teacher character.

    Enroll Now and Get These Bonuses

    When you enroll today, besides the full course content, you'll also get...

    Certification in Japanese Manga and Animation


    Bonus 1: Review of your work by Sensei

    Remember our Learn, Do, Review framework?

    During our pilot course, we couldn’t include having feedback from sensei because there were way too many students...However, we wanted to offer it to students who are serious about their aspirations. So we’ve decided to add that component to our course now!

    Your assignments will be graded by Sensei, and you can also continue to engage with Sensei in a group chat. 

    Bonus 2: Certification in Japanese Manga and Animation (Fundamentals)

    If you’ve ever considered working in an animation studio, then this certificate will likely open some doors for you. All you need is to fulfill the course requirements and you’ll not just have a solid-looking portfolio, but also a digital Certification in Japanese Manga and Animation (Fundamentals) to boast! 

    When you’re serious about fulfiling your aspirations…

    There is never enough TIME

    Short of flying to the Japan and attending manga and animation school, the fastest way to accelerate your learning is to follow a proven curriculum and get expert eyes on your drawings. You could spend hundreds (and more likely thousands) of hours figuring this out on your own, or you can follow our course and get feedback from Sensei. You could be sketching the dream character that’s living in your head within days!


    Why should I join your school when there are other free sources out there?

    I've only been replicating other artists work so far...will this be too tough for me?

    Will I really have the time and energy to draw?

    How many hours will I need to invest every week?

    Do I need prior experience in drawing or animation?

    Is the course fully online?

    How is learning on Parenthexis like?

    What is the recommended duration to complete all modules in the certification?

    What type of payment is acceptable?

    I have more questions. How can I find out more?

    What is the value of finally being able to draw the character in your head...exactly the way you want to?

    Don’t let your passion die. You could be the artist the world is waiting for.